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Cymatics : Euphoria Vocal Sample Pack Wav [FREE]

Cymatics : Euphoria Vocal Sample Pack Wav [FREE]

If you are looking for some high-quality vocal samples to spice up your music production, you are in luck. Cymatics, one of the leading sound design companies in the industry, has released a free vocal sample pack called Euphoria. This pack contains over 100 vocal samples, including sung phrases, acapellas, vocal chops, ad libs, and more. These samples are perfect for genres like EDM, pop, tropical house, future bass, and any other style that needs some catchy and melodic vocals.

Euphoria vocal sample pack is free for a limited time, so you don't want to miss this opportunity to grab it while you can. You can download it from the official Cymatics website or from the SoundCloud page, where you can also listen to a preview of the samples. The pack comes in WAV format, so you can easily drag and drop them into your DAW of choice and start making some amazing tracks.


Some of the features of Euphoria vocal sample pack are:

  • 100+ high-quality vocal samples

  • Dry and wet versions for more flexibility

  • Processed and unprocessed versions for more control

  • Key and tempo labeled for easy integration

  • Royalty-free for personal and commercial use

Euphoria vocal sample pack is a great way to add some professional and unique vocals to your music. Whether you want to create a catchy hook, a smooth chorus, or a dynamic drop, you will find something that suits your needs in this pack. You can also use these samples as inspiration for your own vocal melodies and lyrics, or mix and match them with other sounds to create something new and original.

Don't miss this chance to get Euphoria vocal sample pack for free and take your music production to the next level. Download it now from Cymatics website or SoundCloud page and start making some euphoric tunes.




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