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Carter Johnson
Carter Johnson

Dual Phase Soukakurou

Hehehe, it wouldnt be the MangaGamer development without this title. Fans of the series were definitely going to be excited about this release, as well as those interested in more lewd games with a comedic bent. Were you the type of person to laugh at Anime and Porn parodies? Would you enjoy watching scenes that parody those sorts of things and get yourself a little excited while doing so? Then this game was made for you. Dual Phase Soukakurou (Double Penetration) is a comedy sexual simulation in which you take on the role of an aspiring musician. You, following the path of your idols, happens to be in a band, named Two Dicks And A Vagina (How's that for a band name?) The only thing better than the band, the game's soundtrack, a large part of the gameplay, or the main protagonist is the fact that the game takes place in Tokyo. Unlike most of the games on this list, Dual Phase Soukakurou is only one game. It was released a year before Under Pressure: Sticky Hands(It's Another Mature game) and it will become a full game. Multiple game companies have worked on it and when it comes out, you can probably bet its going to be good. Until then, enjoy the OST, since this is probably the best part of the game. It was also released for another arc of the series, called シマノユキラ (Seaman Yukiura). It contains more sexual content than Dual Phase Soukakurou, but is a similar game when it comes to most other parts.

dual phase soukakurou


So, being an otaku (Someone who is really into Japanese culture, in anime, manga, games, and other things), people like me probably notice that a lot of these'mature' anime games have all been made by Hiragana-only studios. By mature, I mean that they are usually about topics like public sex, masturbation, cheating, being a slut, revealing clothing, and so on. But what happens when you take a sexual role playing game that is really meant for sexual role playing and set it in an anime? You get something like this, and its a very good game, to the extent that the only reason I'm giving it a 7 is because of the art style. The 12 minute animated prologue is really good. It helps open up the story and you can watch it here: Did I mention the quality of the omake? It's a really great little story that gives you a look into the characters and the creators of the game and there's a 3 minute bonus program. Everything Else of the game is really what it's meant to be. There's no voiced dialogue in the game. There's a text menu that tells you to press the button corresponding to the action you want to do. You have the chance to skip any animation you don't want to watch. There's also one whole section that just lets you quickly go through the options without needing to press any buttons. Some of the alternative endings are much better than the main ending. The main theme is great in general, and all of the songs can be downloaded. There's a'very disappointed' ending that takes place about a year after the game is supposed to be over. That can be skipped too. I never saw a replay of it, and I'm actually more than a little curious. If you're looking for a really good anime game with sexy content, Dual Phase Soukakurou is probably the best around.




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